Overcomer Bible Study

This Bible study is ideal for engaging the entire church or your Sunday school / small groups ministry. The Bible study is geared for adult groups to use prior to seeing the movie or after experiencing the film. There are five sessions based on themes from OVERCOMER and include clips from the movie.


Resources Include:

  • Overcomer Bible Study Kit
    This kit includes a DVD with clips from the movie and one workbook.
  • Overcomer Bible Study Workbook
    The companion workbook to the Overcomer Bible Study Kit.

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Product Description

Many people feel they are less than who God says they are. We get our identity from our careers, our political positions, family roles in the family, and other things. This small group study uses clips from the film Overcomer to examine how we determine our identity and how we can find our true identity in Christ.

The Bible study is geared for adult groups to use prior to the movie or just after seeing the movie. The study includes clips from the movie.

The Overcomer Bible Study Kit has five sessions and includes:

  • one Bible Study Book
  • one DVD with a promotional video and five 2-4 minute video sessions

Session Topics:

  1. Who Are You?
  2. You Are Broken
  3. You Are Chosen
  4. You Surrender
  5. You Declare

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